A great weekend

Just met up with Tyson and other frds on the sat & sun to the toys convention. Eat, walk, shop, buy. Get to catch up with my classmate too. So glad, it has been awhile since i last met her. =) Time flies.

For whatever reasons, im feeling pretty out of place but still manage to drag my ass down to Kinokuniya at Orchard. Lurking around aimlessly hoping for some miracle to happen but it didnt… so in return, spotted the 3rd issue of “3DArtist” mag(outdated issue) sitting so lonely together other piles of mags and “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, shining like a beacon to me…. (grab me! grab me!) Jeremy, a frd of mine, told me something about the “10,000 hrs” from this book that stirs me up. Bought both and hopefully it will enlighten me in some ways.

Oh well… have so many things to catch up reading with. My head are still filled with things stuck it in. Just telling myself eventually the answer will come.


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