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Dragon head sculpt

Dragon head

Yesterday, Davin encouraged me to sculpt a dragon in zbrush. It has never came across my mind to sculpt a dragon. So i decided to give it a try, focusing on the head for a start. Based on one reference picture i found on the net, managed to complete it roughly around 6-7 hours. It’s really tiring but fulfilling, lol when i tried to complete it as soon as possible after work.

Not too bad for a start. xD i might try a full dragon next time. Spotted some mistakes/pointers here and there to take note of, thanks to the feedback given by my colleagues and DVE 12 for making it happen.


2 thoughts on “Dragon head sculpt

  1. Yo bro, looks good leh~ Perhaps the eyes are still not obvious. Maybe it will look better once the colour is up. Keep it up!

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