A peaceful christmas days

27 December, two days has passed. This night i listened to some soulful music by Olivia Ong. So glad to see her enjoying her life as it is.

For whatever the reason is, i know i have been holding back myself for a long.. long time. I still remember the last time my friends told me to open up, it was like 3 years ago? Easier said than done.. but i will keep trying.

Jon recently asked me, ‘What is money to you?’ I not sure how to answer him. But i know, it will be the ticket to get me around my life and i know, i will not live my life for it. It has never been the way of life for me. But at the same time, lots of things simply cant accomplish without the means of money. Stuck in between of balancing both.

I have decided the resolution for 2010. I want to live my life totally different from 2009. No restraint or whatsoever to prevent me from achieving my dreams. No matter how rich or poor you are, dreams are just dreams if you never try. There is already a list of things i want to do. Good luck to me:) and all the best to everyone out there~ Its never too late. May your dreams come true.


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